Stal Resto Cazador and Stal Jaegersrust are 2 small-scale breeding farms in the north of the Netherlands of only the pure Falabella thoroughbred. With passion and pride we present you our quality horses on this website, and you will find a lot of information about caring for and keeping this special mini horse breed.

About Falabellas

The special and unique mystery is that every generation produces a smaller horse. They are not ponies but perfectly proportioned ones miniature horses. If a falabella stallion is crossed with a mare of a larger breed, the offspring will be a smaller version of the mare.

The Falabella possesses a dominant gene that dwarfs all horses it is crossed with. The Falabella carries the blood of many different breeds and all colors are represented. The rarest are the Appaloosas. There are only +/- 550 pure Falabellas in Europe that have the correct papers. So we are almost talking about a protected animal breed here. The size of a falabella horse can vary between 70 cm height at the withers to over 100 cm. An important breeding goal is to stay below 87 cm.

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