Stal Jaegersrust -Oldeberkoop (fr)

In 1990 we moved into a 200 year old farmhouse in the romantic and authentic village of Oldeberkoop in southeast Friesland. 

This farm owes its name "Jaegersrust" to its location in the beautiful Drents Friese Wold between the rivers Tjonger and Linde. In earlier times this farm was used to change the horses that had to pull cargo boats along the rivers on the so-called "jaegpad".

The stables and the space around it gave us the opportunity to intensify our horse hobby and house our animals in our own yard. In 2009, after working intensively with our own horses for 25 years, a new phase began in the love for this four-legged friend. Many parts of the horse husbandry/sport had passed, but breeding was still a new area.

In search of a breed that appealed to our imagination, we repeatedly came across the mystique surrounding the one and only miniature horse breed in the world, the “Falabella“.

Yes………it's small, but they fill all the needs that big horses bring, except you can't ride them. After an intensive research phase, we were able to buy a limited number of high-quality mares, with which we started our breeding program, the quality of these mares has already proven itself in health, priming, and their foals. And we also hope to be able to contribute to the protection and preservation of this unique horse breed.

 After living on this fine farm for 25 years, this changed in April 2016, and we moved 100 meters away to a yard with a historic coach house that has been completely renovated and adapted to our falabella horses.

Our herd of Falabella has grown over the years, and the number of stables and available square meters will eventually come to an end. This has made us decide to enter into a partnership with an enthusiastic Falabella family in 2021:  

Shane and Marieke and their daughters in Opende (25 minutes from Oldeberkoop), who have taken over an important part of the herd and housed it in a new place with lots of space in the land and stables

I wish you a lot of viewing and reading pleasure

Yvonne van Werkhoven – Oldeberkoop

Shane Alders & Marieke van Schepen – Opened

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