Falabella for sale?

The Falabella is a rare and unique purebred miniature horse breed, free from outside influences through crossings, manipulations and the like.

Purebred Falabellas are in possession of original pedigree papers, from which the original origin of the Falabella can be deduced. Another condition is that both the father and the mother and at least the three preceding generations must be purebred 100%. It must be possible to demonstrate that the ancestors and mothers come from the Falabella ranch Establecimientos Falabella in Argentina . The purpose of the herd book is to protect and prevent extinction of this only miniature horse breed in the world.

The mother studbook ACCF is located in Argentina, which recognizes the EFS European Falabella Studbook, where only 350-400 horses are registered.

DNA analysis is a mandatory test that is required for every Falabella that wants to be registered. Through this test, the progeny is determined, and the profile test, which is a blueprint of the purebred Falabella.

The group of Falabellas is therefore limited, it is a horse for the enthusiast, and pure breeding, and there are only a limited number of horses for sale, which are then sometimes sold abroad. At stable Jaegersrust and stable Resto Cazador there are never many miniature horses for sale, but when they are there you can count on the better quality of 100% pure Falabellas.

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