What is the price of a Falabella horse?

There are always questions about the price of a Falabella horse.

Perhaps the least discussed topic on a website, but also one of the most sought after answers. An important question to ask yourself is whether you are someone who is looking for a small mini horse or mini pony, or have you been touched by the special Falabella variety. There are very sweet little mini ponies for sale from a few hundred euros. A purely correct and luxurious Falabella horse cannot be bought for the price of a mini pony.

A 100% pure young Buy Falabella horse at the recognized breeder, starts at approx: €2000.00-€3000.00 An adult mare > 3 years old represents a higher value than a stallion. Prices can go up to €3500/€4000/€5000.00. Approved stallions also represented a higher value.

The Falabellas that have passed inspections, provided with predicates and premiums, will represent the highest value, gender and age again play a role in this.

A small mini-horse or mini-pony is not a Falabella. A combination of pony and Falabella is not a Falabella, a 100% pure Falabella has DNA papers, studbook papers that trace the origin to the Argentinian studbook, and was registered with the FSE or with the new studbook EFS -European Falabella Studbook. internet often, not pure Falabellas offered. Ponies that may not represent this breed, and may not be offered as such. A 100% pure Falabella registered with the recognized studbooks is a unique horse, of which there are only about 550 in Europe. This fact in itself makes it a "protected horse breed". There are also only a limited number of breeders who have horses for sale, and who have the correct accompanying documents. There are enthusiasts and breeders who take the risk of importing pure Falabella horses from Argentina, in order to also change the blood in the stock. It goes without saying that this is a costly and risky undertaking.

It should also be taken into account that there are only 30 to 50 foals per year in Europe are born. The rarity, and the interest from all over the world for this special horse breed makes it a stable investment (if it is reassuring to approach it that way)

There are just as many mares as stallions within the studbook, subdivided into foals, young mares, young stallions, mares used for breeding, and older falabellas that sometimes also look for another place. Not all stallions have the privilege of producing offspring, although we are also careful with all the genetic material. Some stallions are castrated and are the sweetest companion horses (of course with a companion!) The price for the category " geldings " and older animals will therefore be the lowest.

In compiling this page I have aimed to provide some clarity to a frequently asked question that is not so easy to answer, You are welcome to view our horses, but would appreciate it if you announced this in advance, and perhaps is there a match for you!

We do not give prices by e-mail, we would like to get in touch with you and will be happy to introduce you to our high-quality horses.

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