Organic horse feed, the how and why

After 25 years of feeding and caring for horses in a regular way, my attention was drawn to the condition of a Falabella lodge that has been fed completely organically for quite some time. The overall condition and the particularly radiant coat were remarkably good.

This put me on the trail of an organic horse feed provider “BIO-RON” Organic horse feed also seems to suit the nature of the horse better, and our falabella horses, a sober natural breed, felt that it all had something to do with it. better to continue in this way. Free from unwanted ballast substances and genetically modified crops. It has been a choice that appeals to me how it feels for you and what you see and experience within the overall constitution after a few months.

I advise every horse owner to take this step, the result is there!

The many alarming messages that are now passing our eyes about the excess sugar values in regular horse feed / hay and the many health problems that refer to this set me in motion.

Away from the smoothness

I too realize that it is a path of gradualism, one that we have also taken and that it will take some time, perhaps even years, in our situation. will take time before the meadows are also filled with the right grasses and herbs. Organic herbal hay and organic stable bedding are now also part of our base, and the BIO RON muesli in combination with some spelled is tasty to eat, naturally rich in purely developed and balanced nutrients, which ultimately allows for more efficient feeding.

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