Indya Resto Cazador

Date of birth:23-02-2017
Colour: Fox Pinto
Height at withers:
studbook: European Falabella Studbook EFS

An early birth in the year 2017 of the 1st foal of Falabella Suela la Quilla, the evening that it was code orange in the Netherlands with wind gusts of 9-10 Beaufort, the camera surveillance had gone off-line, and we had to make do with only the birth detector that evening! A stable check at 6pm at 7pm at 8.30pm, no sign of unrest so it looked set to be a quiet evening. A last stable round at 22.30 ....... and what our surprise sketched a wonderful brown fur “deer” around the jet black Suela. A birth as every breeder would wish it to be, except that we might have secretly wanted to be there. Surprised at the color with a Pintaloosa Falabella sire Hobby Horse Fabio, and surprised that there is a dilution color present at Suela, which can bring some nice surprises in the future. Lively and inquisitive in her new world, she soon found the lifeblood that matters in the first few hours, colostrum and milk, and freeing herself from the intestinal phlegm, which always produces comic scenes, as they often tumble forward on their thin legs , provoking the ahhhs and ohhhs of the beholders. The next morning in the daylight we discover 1 bright blue eye, in this chestnut colored head, which makes her very special. She reminded us of a Falabella mare Indy who has moved abroad, and a good friend traveling in India at the time, filled with the splendor of colors already there, called INDYA ……..and so it had to be.

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